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on the 28th day, right in the last leg of the NaBloPoMo.. sigh but I am not sad. We had a blast of a day yesterday and I forgot all about the post till late in the night and that time I decided that’s its ok I will probably do two tomorrow than get on the laptop at that time…

Imp’s Mom is here along with Imp and we are all bonding here, me and her and Ojas and imp, the house at any point of time feels like a play ground where they both want to jump around and show us look we are jumping everytime they do, I wonder whats with the need of constant appreciation in kids these days. If I recall my growing up, I don’t think I was told very good, well done every so often but here the case is not like that.

I used to initially think its just Ojas but as I meet more kids I feel its the same everywhere. These days the kids want to be seen and appreciated every single minute when we are around them. For something as simple as finishing food to something which is actually praise worthy like finishing a puzzle or such. I have a constant expression ready on my face, a mixture of amusement and happiness for such situations 😉 I guess its more to do with the parenting style these days, the time we spend with them. The fact that they are mostly alone around. No 10 cousins running around and playing together and encouraging each other, no grandparents around… what do u think?

But I often wonder whether this is ok for them. Will it make them use to of getting so much appreciation all them time and how will it affect them when they grow up?

PS: Ojas is doing well those concerned ones, thanks for the mails, sms and comments. The doc said its nothing serious and we are both doing fine now.