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Yesterday I got a call from Ritu saying that Femina has printed one of her stories without her permission. And I was angry and upset.

Go read Ritu’s post for details here.

I wonder why do these publications take bloggers so lightly? Does it really take so much time to send a mail asking for permission? Does giving a little money to the blogger for publishing it really make a difference to their deep pockets? I don’t think so, than what exactly is the issue I wonder?

It has happened to many people before. I was once told that Punjab Kesari has printed my recipe and pics in the paper by a cousin living in Punjab, like a foolish girl I ignored it when they told me its public material but now I have realised that enough is enough. We as bloggers have to take a stand against this. So lets stand together and make femina apologize to Ritu.

Here is the image of the article in print… the story which has not just been printed but modified too… horrible I say.

Femina Shame… Please apologise