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Its been long I have updated the page I keep for the books I read, reviews have been slow on the blog too for reasons I dont seem to understand. So I thought may be listing the books I have read in the past month or so with short reviews might be a good idea. Will do detailed reviews for some of them soon but as of now here is the list

Jaane bhi Do Yaroon By Jai Arjun Singh : I love love love the movie Jaane bhi do yaroon, its right up in my most favourite Hindi movies, have watched it N number of times and I think its cult work of Hindi Cinema so when I first heard of this book I knew I had to read it and to top it all Jai’s blog is one of the few first blogs I started reading ever. The book brings back to the satirical comedy that Jaane bhi do yaaron was. In his own signature style and imagination that can only be Jai’s, he takes us through the making of the book, what was the thoughts of the legendary Kundan Shah when he thought of the movie and what brilliant actors like Naseer and Ravi Vaswani bring to the film. It makes you aware of what Jaane Bhi Do yaroon wanted to achieve even if one has missed the dark humour in the movie which frankly the initial few times I did. If you like the movie I would highly recommend the book. It made me want to see the movie all over again with the perspective Jai showed.

Rating – 3.5/5

The F-Word – I have already done a review here

Women and the weight loss tamasha by Rujuta Diwekar – I have read the first book by Rujuta when it came and I loved it for the simple and sensible advice to weight loss and the effort towards the size 0 figure. And I felt the same way when it came to this book, she makes it feel so logical so common sense business that you one wonders why is that we follow such simple things in life? drink enough water, dont give up on anything completely, understand your body all this and much more. In this book she deals with weight loss as well as other problems we women have and how to be healthy through them, PMS, pregnancy, menopause. And everything she says makes sense. My only wish with her books is that she gets someone with a better command over language write it for her because God knows she is terrible in that department 😛

Rating 5/5 for the tips 1/5 for the language and editing

Highway on my Plate by Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma – Now I don’t there is anyone who would have not seen the show HOMP, I love the show and I love the way Rocky and Mayur bring balance to the show, one vegetarian the other cringes his nose when it comes to eating veg food, I love the energy they bring to the show. I love the fact that they do try and find lesser know eatries and showcase them and they love traveling too, what is their not to love though I know purists will cringe at my choice and the fact that I love them but somehow they remind me of me, the foodie in true sense. They love to eat not just eat gourmet. In this book they take you through the country and the highway eateries. Thought typically all of them are not really on highways. It takes you the through the lesser known cuisines of the east, takes the south indian food beyond idly dosa and the punjabi food beyond beyond tandoori chicken. I loved the book though I hate to admit that book lacked the punch of the show, the book has its own mistakes but I would still say its a book to read and to keep forever in your traveling back if u like to explore the city you are visiting.

Rating 3.5/5

Chankaya’s Chant – here is my review. Read the book now if u haven’t already 🙂

The 4 hour body by Timothy Ferris- this is a book about fitness, life and food. very interesting read detailed review coming up soon

To be continued in the next post………..