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So after we reached to aunt’s place after battling with the Chennai traffic we indulged in some delicious home cooked lunch, I wish I had pictures to show you how yummy it was but really we were so hungry that we attacked the food without giving much thought to anything else… there was veg briyani, sambhar, rasam, papadam, pickle and rice and yes the most important part of meal in chennai thayir sadam…. After pigging out totally we decided to take a small nap and what a bliss it was in a AC room on a summer afternoon after a good and filling rice meal.

Unfortunately I had to get up in the middle of the nap and it was a torture specially because N and ojas were still sleeping as I had promised to meet some lovely ladies around 4 at The Zha Cafe, I entered the place around 4:10 or so thinking as usual I will the first one going By Namma Bengaluru standards but I was super shocked to see everyone already present…. hugs and hello’s were exchanged with the lovely blogging pals – Meera, Lavs and Laks…. and when all that was done I observed what a pretty place we sat in…  Our table was designed on the snakes and ladder theme, the cafe is basically an old house converted, each room done up with a different theme, there was one based on bollywood and had cute chairs marked as director, actor etc, the walls line with posters and film reels.  There was one which was based on Kerala and the table was modelled on the kerala boat, all in all a lovely place where we had loads of fun talking over bhajis and bondas, sandwiches and garlic toasts and sukku coffee the best thing on the menu there.

Post this lovely time I was picked up by N along with P and Ojas and we headed out to meet N’s aunt in the other part of the city. The drive was about an hour long and me drained out from Chennai heat though the weather was actually pleasant and raining now and then u see I had finally managed to get the rains of Bangalore to Chennai too along with me Winking smile and I took a nice nap in the car atleast as much I could with Ojas fresh from his long afternoon nap would allow me too

The plan was to finish meeting the aunt quickly and head to Fisherman’s Cove for dinner about which we had heard so much but unfortunately when we finished meeting the aunt it was pretty late and it was raining they had closed the outside sitting we were told and had no table for that day Sad smile Sulking a little and after discussing many options cousin P suggested to us a place where u get good sizzlers, since sizzlers are one of the most favourite foods of N it was promptly approved. We ordered chicken and prawn sizzlers and prawn fried for the child and the child totally proved that he is my son as polished off the plate of prawns all by himself


After a hearty meal and a seeing good chennai rains we decided to have an early night and wake up at 5am in the morning and visit the beach before the sun rises and it becomes unbearably hot to enjoy the beach….