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I am actually confused on how to start this post, how to write what the birthday boy means to me.  Incase you are wondering who, its N’s birthday today. Birthday of a man who made my life complete. Ever felt that feeling where you want to say so much that you don’t get words? That’s the state I am today in. Speechless and wordless I guess not all feelings can be expressed in words.

So this birthday N asked me not to gift with anything and as a obedient wife we have agreed to what he said and not buy him a gift but I was wondering what to do with the money I had in my mind for his gift so I went and shopped for myself Winking smile bought two nice pair of shoes and a top. Now I am all set for the evening party you see. And incase you are still wondering why the no gift funda thats because he took it in advance last month a bicycle worth 2ok *faints* :rollseyes: and post that has spent about 5K for its accessories. Boys will be boys I guess, nothing can change them when it comes to gadgets.

Another way this birthday is different is the fact that the cake has been bought from the market after ages. My damn oven is not working Sad smile I thought of baking it in the microwave but I think I have a huge mental block against it. Smitha I know I know you will say it comes out fine may be its just my mind and nothing else Smile with tongue out so the cake is bought and ready from The French Loaf, the new bakery in town which has absolutely yummilicous stuff and we are waiting for the Ojas to get up to cut it as he has been super excited since yesterday about dada’s birthday.

So people please join me in wishing the older boy in my life a very happy birthday.