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Its time for Ten on Tuesday again πŸ˜€

So I have been going for swimming classes for about 1.5 weeks now, so I should write something about the class right πŸ™‚ and what better than writing about people

1. You you you lady who swim like a fish, who floats like a fish, who when dipped your head in the water for the first time it felt like you were made for water, you make me totally J :mrgreen:

2. The 63 year old auntie who has come to learn swimming at this age, please know that I totally admire you, admire the fact that at this stage you are ready to take on a new challenge. Kudos to you.

3. Lady in the hot pink swim suit which shows more that it hides, I admire your guts and more than that I admire your figure, with 10yr old and a 4 yr old please to tell me how do you manage that

4. Dear 6 or maximum 7 year old girl, please to go slow and not give us a complex by doing two laps of the olypmic size swimming pool non stop

5. Dear typical auntie character it will do you great good if you focus on your floating and kicks rather than telling me what am I doing wrong, you see I am able to swim accross the pool now whereas you are not even able to float fully. So pay attention to what the coach is telling rather than trying to become the coach yourself and who knows you might even learn swimming πŸ˜‰

6. The very cute cleaning person of the club pool area, who greets us everyday with a smile, asks whether we have had our lunch and wishes us luck for the class. Thank you lady you cheer me up and make me feel confident before I get into the pool

7. The very friendly and encouraging lady who is always always motivating everyone in the group to do more, to go through that last few strokes and make it to the other end of the pool. God bless you

8. The gorgeous girl with little curls falling on the face, all of 5 years who comes in the batch next to her and waves to me everyday with a lovely smile, girl you make my heart beat faster and start uterine contractions, u make me want to have a girl

9.Β  Dear friend who introduced me to the club classes, who started learning in the batch before me, I thank you again. I know I technically didnt meet you there but this post would have been incomplete without a mention to you, you made what I always wanted possible.

10. Last but not the least, dear coach you are a rocking person you. Know that. I love the way you push us just enough and leave us alone to manage for sometime, how you let us know that we can do it, make us feel confident to attempt by ourselves and still are there always around for everyone if we lose our balance. Who know exactly what we needed the first day and exactly what we need on 9th and dear coach I still fail to understand how do you manage to give a B.Com exam in the morning, come to teach in the afternoon and go study in night. Kudos and thanks