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We in the blog world haven’t seen these awards doing round for a very long time right? So its time we started this fun again…. Everything is fair in NaBloPoMo anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰ BTW doesn’t it feel longer this time? Its just the 11th post and I am running out of idea, I should have done this on Sin-A-Mon, loads of recipes in the drafts that are wanting to be published or may be I should do what jaya suggested cross post them here ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyways as usual I digress so, we haven’t seen these awards for a long time. The elegant Lady K was kind enough to give me a versatile blogger award…thank u thank u…. *takes a bow* So here are some random facts about me, as if you guys don’t know enough about me already, anyways here they are

  • I can’t sleep with my hair tied, just cannot, even when I had long hair till the waist I had to leave them open before sleeping
  • If I don’t agree with something I can’t keep my mouth shut, a very difficult and useless habit to have if you ask me. It has got me into trouble many a times
  • My bedside table has to have atleast 4 books in the to read list else I get jittery and start panicking
  • I am product maniac, you can say that those Ad film makers are in work because of people like me. If an ad catches my attention I have to try that product. Have to
  • I work in bursts, there are days rather weeks sometimes when I so lazy that I don’t do anything and suddenly one day i will get enthu and will finish all work around, clean the house, do gardening anything that I can see needs to be done, I even dig up work on those days
  • I am also a kitchen gadget freak, whether its mechanical or electric or even a new kind of slicer. I have to have it in my kitchen ๐Ÿ˜‰ My kitchen currently has the following big equipments –
    • gas burner
    • induction cooker
    • microwave
    • OTG
    • mixer
    • juicer
    • grinder (yeah most people use one thing for three I know :P)
    • sandwich maker
    • pop up toaster
    • planetary mixer
    • blender
    • small chopper etc….

And I pass this award to all my fellow NaBloPoMo’s here I gave u fodder for one post ๐Ÿ˜€ on a serious note I know how difficult it is and you all do need an award for doing it and giving me company

The next award was given to me by D, Its called the one Lovely Blog Award, how lovely to that is to be given by Lovely D. And she has created some rules… sigh that I would have to abide by

New rules of the game:

1. Make a list 5 things you’d like to be awarded for in real life

2. List 5 fav awards you’ve received in your life ever

3. Pass this award to 5 lovely bloggers

ย  5 things I’d like to be awarded for:

  1. For being able to give my corporate life and take a 2 year break from the career high that I was in to raise my child and for having done that without cribbing, yeah I know there was a starting point but still
  2. For living with my mother in law for past 7 years and mostly peacefully and for the past 3.5 years also having the N’s granny live in the same house. No I am not being sarcastic I like them both but having two elderly people in the house and take care of them is no mean task
  3. For CSA, yeah well we are praising ourselves so why not ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. For my time management skills
  5. For smiling everyday inspite of everything

ย List 5 fav awards you’ve received in your life ever (fav, well must be only 5 Smile with tongue out)

  1. I came first in my class in 11th or was it 9th, I really did and that was only time I was in ranks in school
  2. Later I also came 2nd in my college wah wah Smile
  3. A departmental level award over team won for exemplary performance in a very difficult project
  4. I got a second prize for a technical white paper I wrote in one of my companies.
  5. Prize I won for best dressed person in a Salsa theme based party, ahem ahem Open-mouthed smile

Pass this award to 5 lovely bloggers

Now u NaBloPoMo dont be too mean ok, u got above one now is the time for others Winking smile

  1. Kiran
  2. Sue
  3. Boo
  4. Iya (all of u for being loveliest team mates anyone could have)
  5. Ritu โ€“ because well she is ritu Smile

On second thoughts I should have made two posts out of this right Smile with tongue out

PS: pls to collect your awards folks I am tired will link and leave comments tomorrow