I want my Bangalore back, Bangalore that I loved, Bangalore that I moved in about 9.5 yrs ago… Bangalore….

  • where there were only two seasons pleasant and very pleasant
  • where when you drive down any road a canopy of trees would welcome you with open arms wanting to embrace you with the branches
  • where if it becomes a little hot in the day it would be sure to rain in the evening
  • where the longest travel time used to be like 20 or 30 minutes to travel across the city
  • where I used to be able to walk to work without getting worried of being hit by 10001 cars and without getting worried of being mobbed or teased
  • where it was possible to party till 4 in the morning remember the pub city?
  • where it was not only possible to party till 4 it was also possible to have a girls night out till 4 and come back home all by yourself
  • where if one feels hungry at midnight there used to be those small dhabhas to go to not just 5 star coffee shops
  • where having Forum was a novelty 😉
I want my Bangalore back…. can someone please bring it back for me?
Edited to add : feel free to add to the list please
Edited to add even more : fellow NaBloPoMo’s I will come and comment on ur blogs… just give me a little more time barely able to manage posting these days 😦