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I have always wanted to learn swimming, besides being an excellent workout option which is perfect for me since I suffer from 1001 issues of joint problems, the knee pain, the slipped disc, the broken ankle which still hurts and also the Carpal Wrist, it also is a life saving skill. A skill I think everyone should know and this belief was re iterated sometime back when Ojas fell in water. That day I wowed to myself that this year whatever happens I will learn swimming and that’s we are attempting these days.

When summer started frantic inquires were made for the swimming classes and what we came to know was surprising since the either the timings were weird 8:30 in the night (when is one supposed to have dinner?) or 6 in the morning (now come on you don’t accept me to wake up that early do u?) or the prices like 7K for 10 classes. Sigh. I also inquired about someone who will come and teach me and ojas in our colony the idea delighted me but was soon chucked when he told me he will take about 700/person/hour for the class that would mean about 1400 for both of us together and if we take about 10 classes to learn it would mean about 14K, the thought itself made me faint 😉

And by luck I came to know of this swimming class which charges a decent amount (actually quite reasonable according to blore standards if u ask me) and was holding classes in the afternoon at 3pm, now that time works perfectly for me as Ojas usually takes his afternoon nap during vacations from 2:30-4, that means I go after he sleeps and I am back just after he wakes up 🙂 Today was the second class I attended and I must say I am loving it… And I was able to float today a great feeling I tell u 😀