So the prompt on 5th May was

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What is the hardest decision you ever had to make?

Ok will you laugh if I tell you what came to my mind instantly when I read that… any guess? Damn I know you will laugh but I will still tell… what to cook for lunch/dinner…

Ok are you back after laughing? But tell me dearies… don’t you find it difficult to decide what to make for lunch and after that what to make for dinner? Breakfast is usually not a problem for us, most of the weekdays its bread and eggs, or museli and milk or the idlies mil would have made. But lunch and dinner that’s another story all together. When we were kids we used to make so much of mom (don’t tell her but when we sisters get together we still do it :P) but I never imagined that I will become the same hounding hubby for what to make questions. I love cooking and totally enjoy the task of bringing the meal together but its the planning of everyday meal that I find most irritating. And if we have to do it twice a day for the rest of lives doesn’t it become of the most difficult decisions to be taken? 😉

So tell me how is it in your house? You find it easy to decide? Do u plan your menu for the week or cook on the spur or eat your family members head to tell what they want to eat 🙂