I have been seeing Ten on Tuesday on Shilpa’s blog from a long time and now when I have so much to write it seems like a good thing to do… So here is my Ten on Tuesday on what happened in the last month

  1. I got my new kindle, I think I have already blogged about it. Inspite of my intial apprehensions about having one I am kindof loving it. Finished reading the Hunger Games series on it and wow what a series (review coming up soon)
  2. Went to Chennai and met Uma there, though the meeting was short but was glad I met her. Also met some more mommy blogger in a lovely cafe call The Zha Cafe… Laks, Lavs, Meera it was great meeting you.
  3. My mom went on her first ever trip abroad to Singapore with my sister and we are thinking of visiting them too. I really want to but planning a holiday taking leave etc not sure
  4. I have decided that now is time to get back to full time work, yes yes after a 2 year break I am thinking of going back to corporate world… how wil it be God only knows. So the CV has been updated, uploaded in some sites and now I am patiently waiting for the interview calls to come. If anyone of you have leads please to let me know 🙂
  5. Last one month was really bad for my dieting and weight loss program, the month before that when I started I lost abt 2.5 kgs but last month was bad very bad. I blame it on CSAAM I needed a lot of emotional eating and lots of drinks to sail through it and I was so busy that workouts were almost at a halt too 😦
  6. I need a vacation I really do, well I know this didnt happen in the last one month or did it? I got very drained and tired and hence that resulted in my wanting a vacation… yes so it did happen in last month and hence has a place here
  7. Also has realized that the world is full of sickos the ones that torture little kids and also the ones that try to take mileage out of anything however serious the issue be, the last one month as taught me to sniff out a fake story (like Lady K says) and trust my intuition a lot more than before
  8. With my mom’s trip to Singapore this month has been spent getting tensed about our Leh trip, we are driving for 10 days and were thinking of leaving ojas back in bangalore with both the granny’s and now that mom most likely will not be here in August we are dreading what would happen 😦
  9. Mangoes have arrived both sweet and the sour and they have been bought in abundance in the household, we have been eating them as it is and cooking and baking with them too, mango dal, mango rice, ripe mango chicken salad and the mango bread and the best mango shake… yumm mango is truly the king of fruits
  10. Ojas has a two month long summer break and damn I am getting crazy entertaining him… please to send some ideas to keep him busy in the vacations and please the ones that don’t require me to work hard 😉
so what has been up with u?