Well technically we didn’t go anywhere and were right here but for all practical reasons was missing in action from reading and commenting on blogs as the last month was totally dedicated to maintaining the CSA blog and what a month it has been as we mentioned in the concluding post there its been a month that will always be remembered forever and now that its over I am finding a hollow in my heart today, I see little withdrawal symptoms happening… where is the deluge of mails between the core team. The sleepless nights both because we had loads to do on the blog and because when we hit the bed sleep just wouldn’t come the stories of the would continue to haunt, Where is that rush to get on twitter for the chat happening… where is the high one feels when someone comes and tells how valuable that information is to them…

Today post all this I am just trying to readjust and feel the contentment and sense of relief which comes only after you have achieved what you set out for. April 2011 will go down in my personal history as the month I am proud of.

And with the regular programming at this blog will start again, also be prepared for the spamming of your comment space soon… how have u been my dearies?