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Are usually a good combination for me, I love the raindrops falling on the top of car playing a symphony… the wipers going swish swish… the nip in the air… water droplets falling and the car zooming again… sigh so romantic so poetic isn’t it? Till yesterday

It started in the same poetic manner the three of us enjoying the rains and the drive back from Chennai (more on the trip soon I promise this time I will :P)… singing lovely rain songs and munching on some snacks and then it slowly starting increasing, the clouds started looking a little more dangerous the sky alternating between bright with lighting and deafening with thunder. And slowly the sky turned into a dangerous shade of grey and the rain became very very heavy at one point of time it really felt like that the rain is falling vertical as well as horizontal… it was really so mystical and yet so dangerous. I have never seen rain like that before. I had goosebumps while we were driving and I still have them while I am writing this post. I wish I had pictures to show you guys what I mean but unfortunately the phone camera couldn’t click anything it being so dark and the actual camera was battery dead

As the rain increased, our speed decreased and there was a time when the visibility was about 30-40 meters and we couldn’t beyond a speed of about 30kmph…. and a huge sigh of relief was passed by both me and N when the rain calmed down after about an hour of madness

For the first time in my life I think I experienced the dangerous side of rains too… but still while being dangerous there was something alluring about and this Chennai-Bangalore drive will certainly go down among the most memorable drives of my life.