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Yes thats how the last three days have been in our household reason my little prince my darling little boy has gone to his bua’s house for a sleep over with his cousins. Since his vacations have started he has been giving me statements like “its so boring no”, “mumma I am getting bored please do something about it” so when his cousins called him over we thought why not, lets try it. This is his first sleep over ever and we very apprehensive that whether he will really stay overnight or not? Will he sleep without me may be heart in heart even hoping that he wont 😉 and at the same time actually looking forward to the couple time we would get after 3 years… how would it be we had almost forgotten… true we have do movies and drives and dinners without him but two days without him thats a first…

So we dropped him and waved him bye and came back home to an empty house and started to enjoy the freedom… watched a movie, browsed the net, fiddled around with my new kindle u get the idea did lots while doing nothing

The fact that we can watch TV and no one will switch it off, the fact that we can actually read without someone jumping on me and when I read I can actually read the book I want to not the one that he wants… no one starts to dance when me and N talk so that he doesn’t get ignored… liberating huhn? Think again for a while yes but after that both of us are missing him indeed

Its a very mixed feeling as all other parenting milestones are, a feeling or proud, relief and zap of loneliness and a tiny bit heart break all rolled into one 🙂 So we are enjoying the silence and the emptiness in the house while he enjoys there and refuses to come back…

How is life been with u? long time right?