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The title of the post should have told you what this post is about isn’t it? Yes yes I know I am delayed but I am talking about the world cup… God WE WON… so now tell…

did u jump?

did u scream?

did u dance?

did u cry?

I did all of them and much more… Seriously what a moment. We were watching the match in a friends house about 15 of us jumping like mad people and the kids looking at us and wondering what exactly has come over their parents… we were screaming like never before… the day and the evening was full of emotions… excitement happiness when dhoni and gambhir very playing so well… despair and disappointment when sachin and sehwag were out.

I had just said that we just finish this match in style with a six when  dhoni hit that beautiful six to finish it off, give us a moment we will cherish all our lifes.. many hugs were exchanged, much clapping happened when we sat down rather stood and watched the presentation. I think most of us were chocked with emotions to do much talking and with one more round of hugs with a contentment in heart we departed for our houses not really aware of what is ahead us.

The streets were full of happy, joyous people. People dancing on the roads, every car, every bike having an Indian flag and a person screaming with joy. I don’t think I have ever before this seen India celebrate like this, I don’t think I have ever seen before this India united like this.

It was truly a day which will remain in my memory forever and just as dad tells me stories of the 83 win I will of the 2011 win

Well done men in blue… well done indeed

PS: I have been terribly terribly busy with CSA and hence not visiting any of u guys and also ignoring all my blogs, will be back with a bang in May and I am sure you will understand