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Please someone pinch me, was it India that won against Australia yesterday,

somebody pinch me again was it me who was totally enjoying the match,

somebody pinch me again is it me who is doing a post remotely related to cricket

Man but what a match…it was 6 hours of total excitement and fun. Though the match itself was a lot of fun to watch but as I just mentioned I am a new convert to cricket and I really don’t understand the technical things too much, what made the match killer for me was TWITTER… One should have been there to understand the sheer enthusiasm of people. I was home alone yesterday but not for a single minute I felt that I was watching the match alone.  The joy on every wicket we took for aussies.The madness on every 4 we hit… There were times when my timeline was full of choicest of words and man it was so much fun 😉 Thank you so much to all my twitter match partners

and it was so fun that I was locked out of twitter not once but three times yesterday because I exceeded my hourly tweet limit 😛

Boys in Blue the drinks are on Chandu as she says and the brownie is on me… U did a great job yesterday and now please please please don’t fly in air and win the even more important match on 30th… the match of the World Cup… India-Pakistan….

Me I am making multiple twitter accounts ready so if i get locked out of one I have another 😉