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The first time I heard of this book was from Kiran who said that this book got her into kitchen 🙂 she was all praises of the book and being a foodie having cooking as one of the hobbies it promptly went into my must reading list…I bought it on the first chance I had and went along with Mita for a ride in her world….

BTW if u are still confused the F in the F-Word is Food 😉 The book is about the life and culinary journey of a woman who loves to cook and loves to feed people, loves to explore street food and get lost while talking to the person making it and noting down the recipe… Damn that is a description that fits me well too

CM, I’ll eat salad for dinner, just go easy on the veggies.’

‘But kebabs are meant to be minced mutton, Mom!’

‘Has CM cooked today? If she has, it must be diet food and I’m not eating!’

CM is the lead lady in the book BTW, the book is a mad account of a working women who manages the different tastes of everyone in a joint family… juggling between peanuts, pappad and kebabs she takes us through the culinary journey which can almost be termed “Sexy”. The story in the book is interwined with some out standing recipes from all over over… from Luckhnow to Rajasthan, from Thailand to Europe… a ride which I love taking

Summary : If you love food reading this is a book you will love

Rating 4/5

Book The F- Word

Authors Mita Kapur

Price Rs 599 (available on flipkart at Rs 485)

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