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Dear Readers of the blog & Followers in Twitter,

I love you a lot and appreciate the fact that you take time out to read the crap I write, I really do but I have certain requests to make of you when you send me a FB friend request

  • Following me on twitter doesn’t I repeat doesn’t qualify as being a FB friend. Similarly your commenting on my blog once or mine on your blog once doesn’t qualify as being a FB friend
  • So you have a pseudo name using which you blog, I get it and I respect it but if you create a FB id using that name and want to add me sorry I won’t. If you are not comfortable revealing your identity its only fair that you don’t peek into mine and my friends life isn’t it? If you want your blog to have a FB identity please create a page for yourself and I promise to like it. I promise
  • Again for people using pseudo names would you please please identify yourself when you send me a FB request? I mean I really don’t have any magical powers to deduce that a person who has added me is XYZ in blog world. In the first place the only way I get that you are from blogworld is by the fact that we have bloggers as common friend but please please please be kind to me and identify yourself
  • Yes we have 25 common friends (may be more) and yes they are all bloggers but do I know you? Do u know me? Can you just for a second think that before adding me? Please it would do save me and you a lot of embarrassment
  • And last but not the least if I have ignored you once please sending me a friend request again will not make me accept it, there was a reason I rejected it in the first place anyways right?

Yours Truly,


Now people don’t get me wrong and label me as a snob after this post, I do understand that people like us who choose to spend their life online have to make some sacrifices somewhere but at the same time I think we are all mature enough to understand the difference between the three mediums – Blog, Twitter and FB. Blog and Twitter are online presence open to all we chose what we put there, its about sharing ones thoughts and opinions whereas FB gets very personal its about sharing your life, the pictures and the lives of your friends.

So please folks lets understand these differences and respect them