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When I first read about Project 365 on nags blog I found it very daunting, I mean an year is a very long commitment and I left it but my mind had not forgotten about it and it was in my background all the time and this morning I woke up with this nagging feeling to do it and posted it on my FB, my fellow friend Pals told me she is game to join it too and here we start on the project today though to be easier on self I have changed the rules a bit. I will post a pic every day but I might not be a click done on the same day (but like nags I will mention the same). On the days I am travelling I might schedule the posts and go and naturally that would mean posting pictures which are not clicked that day. So guys wish me and Pal luck on this…

So here is the first pic, clicked on 27th January in Khimsar, Jodhpur, Rajasthan


Yes yes u will see a lot of Rajasthan pictures for sometime now Open-mouthed smile and yes I was (still am) on a break next posts will be scheduled