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  Another Chance is the second novel by Ahmed, I have read first one Love, Life and All that Jazz (read review here). Like Love Life and All that Jazz this book is about relationships too. Like Love, Life and All that Jazz is about love, friendship, losing and gaining… Like Love, Life and All that Jazz its a book about our generation… the current youngsters (can I still call myself that?) but yet the two books are very different.

    Another Chance is a primarily a story of Ruheen who is drop dead gorgeous but doesn’t know how to handle life particularly her love life… right from school time she is running from one relation to other and the book is all about the choices she makes and how her life takes her through as a result of these choices. The losing of one man important to her because of an abusive ex boyfriend, dealing with an abusive disaster of a marriage, living in a new coutry with a new identity to regaining the only man who really mattered in her life and moving to a live in  relation with her. The book also deals with a lot of modern day problems like Work Life Balance and how it can kill a relationship, friendships turning into love…. divorces, miscarriages and how both the couple are mostly clueless on how to deal with the emotions post it. Its a book which makes you face to face to the reality of the life we are living

The only thing I didnt enjoy too much in the book was the fact that it felt repeating itself at places and I think some people may have a problem accepting the fast pace of life it depicts in every angle in this book but I think lets face thats a reality not far if it hasn’t arrived that is….

Another thing that stuck me when I was reading this book was the clear growth of Ahmed one can feel as an author, while Love, Life and All that Jazz was raw and hitting… Another Chance is a mature book…

Last Words : A good fast read ideal about relationships in todays generation, perfect as a travel companion

Rating 3/5

Book Another Chance

Authors Ahmed Faiyaz

Price Rs 195/-

And that completes my first book of the South Asian Challenge I took