Normally when I write these letters I have only thing to say but my love for you is so much that I have multiple things to tell u, so lets get started shall we

Yes when u suddenly without informing put an injection in my mouth it hurts and I may shudder and no it doesn’t mean that I am afraid of injections and even if I am there is no need for you to laugh at it

I do not like let me make it clear by saying again I do not like to stare at a person who is making faces and digging into my mouth to work on my teeth, I prefer to rather close my eyes and no you can’t tell me “Open your eyes I want you to see what I am doing” Damn why?

Yes I am nervous and its paining when u are trying to extract the tooth and when the heavy duty instrument in your hand slips from your hand and hits my upper teeth and lips TWO times I might react, it actually pains you know sir and when you say “There is no need to panic, its just a slip of instrument” watch out my hand sometimes has a tendency to slip and hit the opposite person’s face too

And why don’t you decide that whether you need a stich on my wound or not once and for all… after your working on my teeth for 1 hour trying to extract it, its really irritating standing there and listening to the fact that I don’t really need a stich but you will put one anyways so that it feels faster, damn you were lucky that my tooth was paining so much that I couldnt talk else God knows what the result would have been


still in pain and suffering

PS: thanks for the concern people he is NOT my regular dentist, my regular dentist is a really good guy but was travelling for a month so I had no choice but to go to another one.. this one was suggested by a friend but sigh as u see was hopeless