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Yeah I am serious and I am sure you have all experienced such days when everything just seems to go wrong and nothing seems to work and by the end of the day all you need is a stiff drink or may be two. Yesterday was one such day.

Sometime back I lost my driving licence somewhere and the sad part is that I don’t even know where (I think I left it at airport check in counter while showing for age proof but not sure, but that is besides the point). It was made in Delhi and when I made inquiries I was told that it can’t be issued duplicate as I don’t stay in Delhi anymore and hence I had only one option left to apply for a new one and to go through the whole procedure of it…. yes yes first we go for learners… so yesterday morning at 9:30 am I promptly reached the RTO office to get my learners licence, I thought it would be easy to get a learners… I mean anyone can get a learners right as long as we have all documents in place whether to convert into a permanent licence may be a more difficult task but damn I was wrong.

I was at the f^&ing RTO office for the next 5 hours, standing and waiting for my work to be done which should have ideally taken 10 minutes. The whole process is so funny and ridiculous that I can’t even explain. Once you reach the office you have to submit a particular fee, fill up a form and stand in the queue for getting a token. I submitted the fee and thought So far so good… but than one look at the queue for token and my heart began to sink…. it was almost half a km long and no I am not kidding… Taking a deep breadth I went to the end of the queue and stood there waiting for my number to come, after some 30 minutes of wait and the queue moving a little came a person who told no no this is not the way to make a queue, all of you move that side and a minute the people in the end were running and became the starting of the queue at that side… and all my wait was washed away as once again I saw myself standing towards the end (and think of the people who were actually ahead of me, I pity them). Anyhow I figured there is no point cribbing now as there is hardly anything that can be done so I waited another 45 minutes before I reach the counter… and just when I reach there, a guy comes from the opposite direction, smiles at the counter guy, exchange some words in kannada and the counter person starts taking his form… WTF??? I tell him politely sir we have been waiting in the line for so long and can you please ask this gentleman to come in the queue and that man behind the counter… u know what he told me “Madam do u want the token or not?” Can u beat that and when I start saying something he replies in Kannada and when I tell him I dont know kannada well, he shouts at me saying that you have to learn kannada else don’t expect your work to get done here WTF????????????????? Anyways got my token no 58 after that guy got his Sad smile I am wondering why does it take 1 hr and 15 mins to give token to 58 people????

The next step was to wait for my token number to be called and when I see the number on the display my heart sinks further… it was just 14 Sad smile There was nothing else than waiting to be done and I started fiddling with my phone and went on twitter chatting with a few people and I see that the person who has to see our papers when the number arrives has been happily chatting on the phone for past 15 minutes and when he is working people without token who know him arrive at their own convenience, get their papers checked and go…. After a little more than 2 hours of wait finally my number is called…. yippe I almost shout and the minute I enter one person shouts to other “You can go back, todays time is over, come tmrw” Can u beat that? Those people who have been waiting for the past 3 hours since morning… why give them the token than?

After that we were supposed to go to one more person who takes your test on road signs etc and that took another 1.5 hrs so and all this while standing… I was almost dead at the end of it, 5 hours in total and it made me think why can’t we work more efficiently???

I came back home tired and realised I am dizzy, checked my BP and it was predictably low…. drank a lemon juice and decided to rest for sometime when Ojas dropped my phone thak and the slider – the only way of unlocking my Nokia x6 broke Sad smile and I couldn’t do anything with the phone.

I took the phone to the service station and another wait began. I waited at their centre for about 2 hours for it to be fixed and it costed me 1100 bucks??? Can u beat that? Sigh

So what does one do at the end of such a day… have a drink and order out what else Winking smile