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Isn’t that a very catchy number, a number one would like to dance on… and keep on dancing Smile I have been wanting to see this movie since it released and Ritu posted about it but my husband was not interested in watching it so I was wondering to when Wednesday a friend called me in the morning saying would I like to come along with her to watch the movie and I was jumping with joy yes yes yes ofcourse Open-mouthed smile 

And what a lovely movie. It was fun, good timepass and well executed but I think what I loved about the movie most was it made me warm inside for Delhi. It made me miss Delhi even more. The movie is soaked in Delhi right from the first scence where they show the metro, the delhi university, the cycle rickshaws, the banta, the bark ka golla…. damn I miss it…

The movie has captured Delhi so well that I don’t think any other movie did atleast the part of Delhi it wanted to capture… the fun loving loud Delhi…. the weddings… sigh I agreee its a waste of money but I can guarantee you there can’t be a wedding which is more fun than the wedding in Delhi…

And this movie made me miss Delhi to an extent that I was found crying on the things that the whole theatre was laughing at Sad smile Damn I cant’t wait for Feb when I am off to Delhi for a cousin’s wedding no less where we will dancing a lot…. and I am sure Avin Avin will be played a lot