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Some memories are just deep encrusted in ones minds and hearts and one of those memories or a set of memories for me is Delhi Winter. Though its been a little more than 9 years I have moved to Bangalore and started calling it home and slowly loving the city too I sorely miss the Delhi Winters, every December I go into a sad mode when I hear about the winters in Delhi from friends and family.

It reminds me of those early school morning where we would just not be able to get up and dad would be shouting and we just murmring 2 more mins from the warmth of the rajai (quilt)

It reminds me of those lazy lazy afternoons we would spend a dari (rug) spread on the terrace soaking in sun, pretending to study with a book in hand sometimes alone and sometimes chatting with a friend

It reminds me of those times in the winter vacations and sometimes otherwise in the early evenings too when all the aunties of the street will sit together in a corner on a charpai (cot) knitting and exchanging colony gossip and we kids will get a chance to do whatever we wanted to 😉

It reminds me of those lovely evenings and nights when we will all get inside the biggest rajai in the house and eat moongfali (peanuts) endlessly and than we would push each other to get out if anything is needed

It reminds me of those fights we would have when we get into a rajai which has been already warmed by someone else 😉

It reminds of those morning paranthas and pickle breakfasts and steaming hot besan ka seera to end the day with

It reminds me of that yummy gajar ka halwa and the yummier sarsoon ka saag and the pinni made by mom, those gajaks and gur after every meal

It reminds of my of those morning where you would get up on the terrace to see nothing yeah the fog would have created the zero visibility and it reminds me of that hot cup of boost that dad used to make for us on those days

So last week when we in Bangalore woke up to see a fog similar to what used to be DilliKiSardi… ofcourse we were very happy 😀

And seeing Ojas as excited about the fog and enjoying his cup of boost watching it, made me even more nostalgic… I guess its true… memories are for a lifetime