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Typically you would normally find me talking about the ads I hate in fact that is how I started writing this post but than I though let me do something different instead 😀 So here are the ads I loved in 2010

This is my latest love and whats not there to love, what creativity

Some shadow play some more happiness and there is Imran Khan too 😉

Teenagers who look like u and me would have once upon a time… phew a relief 😀

This is what is needed isn’t it?

Brilliant Brilliant concept and brilliant execution… this one will truly make u say “What an idea sirji 😉 “

How cute is this one

Come on tell me what are urs?

Edited to Add : stupid of me to forget the most fav ad of the year… the blackberry boys


PS: Like an idiot I had thought I had scheduled this post but turns out I hadnt