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With a child in the house, it surely is not too tough to find a picture for a challenge whose theme is

TOYS (Dolls, Games, Stuffed Animals, Athletic Equipment, Construction Toys, Art Supplies,…)

I was wondering which toy of Ojas to post here and I realised it has to be this one…

Its a race track on which the car keeps running till pulled out much like the train one, but the most intersting thing for me in this toy is that white building kind of structure one sees… its a lift… yeah a lift… So the car comes and enters from the right hand side and when the wheels of the car moving there is a wire just works as a pulley and pulls the platform on which the car is standing and once is reaches the top the car runs on the track and the platform keeps going back down and by the time the car is back at the lift entrance the platform is back at the bottom again…

Quite interesting and innovative isnt it? Ojas loves it, its a different matter all together that we both this on Diwali and the lift is already broken because he wanted to know how it works and sent the car into the lift in all possible ways 😉

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