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As a mother its tough for me to read as well as ignore the books which deal with kids and issues associated with them… So when Mad Momma recommended this book to me while chatting she warned me it will tear u apart…

I googled some more, read a couple of reviews and was really confused about whether I want to pick this up or not, normally I would have picked it up instantly but off late when I read something very moving and heavy related to kids I kind of go in a maniac mode for someday with Ojas… become hyper protective and start doubting everyone around… and it takes me a while to come back to my normal self.

But I finally decided to give it a shot and luckily when I went to the library it was right there on the shelf…

Room is a story of 5-year old boy Jack and his mother narrated by Jack himself whose world is confined to  a 11by11 room where he is locked up with his mom and everything else that he sees on TV is “outside” and not real… For him the only real thing outside is Him named Old Nick who comes once in a while in the night to bring them weekly food and some sunday treats once in a while and everything else just outside. He is a TV freak and loves dora 🙂

What happens when his mom decides to tell him that outside is actually real? That there is a sun, a moon stars and sunlight and that she is being held captive in that room since 7 years.  What follows is an emotional trauma that Jack has to deal with and how the mom calms him and prepares for the escape.

And this is where the next part of the book begins – the outside part on how differently an adult and a child react to the outside and how they adjust. Its a lovely book which is surprisingly mild and realistic in terms of its treatment of the subject but still manages to rip one apart.

The most heartwarming part of the book for me was the part in which the mom tries to keep the 5-yr old Jack busy all day and how is day is full of adventure, games, exercise studying, and, last but not the least great times with his Ma. It shows what a mother can do for a child. Leaving the fact aside that she is probably there for a lifetime she doesn’t let her child get affected by that and how she shields him and takes care of his education and entertainment in a small closed room and here we crib that we need some space 🙂

Its a brilliant read… go grab it now if u havent read it till yet. Its been a week that I finished it but Jack is still lingering in my heart

Last Words : A brilliant moving book which will surely touch your heart

Rating 4/5

Book Room

Authors Emma Donoghue