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Its that time of the year again when we recap the year, I love december just love it… so from today till the end of the december I will spread out my yearly recap… starting ofcourse with Movies

Best of Hindi 2010

It wasnt a very great year for Hindi movies, was it? I mean there were many movies but very few that I would say I loved. And picking favourite was relatively easy 🙂 Got be Ishqiya… I loved every bit of the movie. It had my favourite star cast, Naseer, Vidya and the most rocking Arshad. I love the way the characters were so strong in the movie… loved the music

Worst of Hindi 2010

The fight is tough here no? So many of them 😛 I would have given it to Anjaana Anjaani which I had to tolerate in a theater had I not seen Aisha….sad that it was a movie I was looking forward to, sad that it has a cast that I mostly love, sadder that it was based on a book I love… such a waste of everything… There was nothing nothing nothing at all in the movie apart from styling…

Best of English 2010

Without a blink The Hurt Locker, I know I know you people in america land will say it was released in 2008 but it came to India only this year so for me it is this years movie :P. I loved it, it moved me beyond I can explain. There were days I would dream about the war situation and likes. Brilliant Brilliant movie

One which would surely go down in the list of best war movies…



Worst of English 2010

Again a book I loved and a movie I hated – Eat Pray Love. I think I should finally stop watching movies based on books. Just stop.. I hate the movie and Julia Roberts was a part of it… what a waste


So this was most loved and hated, go on tell me what are yours?