Dear Pretending to be very Close Aunt of N,

I know that you think that you are the best and kindest person in this whole world because you counsel two or three poor women about their children but dear aunt that doesn’t really give u an authority to pass a judgement on any and every child

Yes my child goes to a Montessori called XXX and no it wasn’t started FOR mentally challenged kids ONLY and thanks for showing your concern and asking that is everything fine with my child

Next time please be careful I might tell you what is not fine WITH YOU at ur face

Yours obedient daughter in law,


Edited to Add : people not to misunderstand the post, I have absolutely nothing against special kids infact they hold a special place in my heart I have worked with them for almost 3 years in a school and each class in Ojas’s school has a special kid a fact which I am very proud of but I have a problem with the whole attitude of the lady and the fact that she was so rude without even knowing the facts