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I was mighty excited when the book arrived and I laid my hand on it 4 days ago… for one Parul is a dear friend and two I had enjoyed her previous book Bringing up Vasu throughly

Though unfortunately the book had to wait two days before I could pick it up, I was in a middle of another very interesting book Keep the Change (but that is another post my dear), so it was yesterday morning I started reading the book and I was up till about 3 in the night finishing the book (Parul if I am groggy today and hit someone while driving u are to be blamed :P)

It’s essentially a book about two friends Tanya and Mini who join a new company together and get a rude shock on their day 1 of work when they come to know that the person who hired them is fired because the CEO is a jerk and calls him all kinds of name… And thus starts the journey of madness… while Mini has to deal with an evil boss along with the evil CEO, get the project completed, Tanya is forgotten about and made to sit near tha cafe where she plans out her dream wedding

The book is funny really funny and there were times when I was laughing out loud, ofcourse the characters seem very exaggerated, in 10 yrs of working I have good bosses and bad bosses but the boss in this novel makes the worst boss I have ever had look like an angel 😛

Loved the wedding planning in the book and how planning her own wedding changes things for a lifetime for Tanya… Loved how Mini took the challenge of two evil bosses and deal with it… There is the one scene in the book where she blasts someone and goes and tells herself post that

Corporate bitches are not born overnight

ROFL how true, actually the book had me itching to go back to the corporate world yes yes even after evil bosses 😀

The only complaint I have with the book is the a little over animated and exaggerated characters but I think thats parul’s style of writing I guess. I had the same complaint with Bringing Up Vasu too..

But on the whole a totally fun read

Last words : a chicklit yes, a chicklit I loved about office politics, love and wedding planning… what is not there to love 🙂 go grab your copy now

Rating 3.5/5

Book By the Water Cooler

Authors Parul Sharma

Price Rs 250/- (available for Rs 203/-  on flipkart, oh no now its available at only 188 )