Whoever said (and if no one did than I am doing it now πŸ˜‰ ) that when you have so much to say that you dont know where to begin, try talking in bullet points. So that is what I am going to do now.

  • We had a great diwali, first diwali after 5 years away from my own home. The home which me and N had built with so much love but it turned out fine, after all festivals are about friends and family and celebrations and all were the same. BTW does doing a diwali post this late still makes sense?
  • I have so many reviews pending but I have been so lazy to write… damn I atleast wanted to write about ripples that I finished reading sometime back and enjoyed it too… must write must write, currently I am reading “Keep the change” and “Papplion”. What are u reading these days?
  • I have been maid less for the last 15 days now, so I am the home bai currently… cooking food, washing utensils, washing clothes, putting them to dry, folding them… sigh the work list is endless and here I am not even attempting to try to talk about Ojas or my work… Someone please please please please send me a maid. I will bake a cake for u pukka… the brownie cheesecake?
  • The knee has been playing up again.. I think its all the exertion and the load have been taking but yaar tell me how can u ignore everything and sit perched up on the bed with a laptop? haan?
  • I finally started yoga… 2 classes done, so far so good.. I hope it does some good to me, both health wise and weight wise
  • I desperately want to go see Abha’s little girl and I was all set to go on Saturday, had even made N ready to play the chauffeur but damn unannounced guests, Why can’t people have the basic courtesy to call before coming.. sigh
  • I realised today that I havent done the Goa post nor the chickmangalur post, does it still make sense to do it? sigh… why I am being so lazy these days?
  • Pamela Anderson is coming to Big Boss, may be I should start watching it now. This time I amazed myself for not watching a single episode till now but then thats because I can’t miss Masterchef Australia for anything. MasterChef India is a totally different matter though. What was Akshay Kumar thinking when he signed that show??? A short stint in the food industry years ago makes him capable for being a masterchef host?
  • I went and saw Endhiran with N and some friends yesterday. God I found it a 3 rd degree 3 hour torture but then atleast N can’t tell me that I haven’t watched a single tamil movie with him in 7.5 yrs πŸ˜‰
  • 8 yrs (almost) sigh yes I almost know him since soooo long… this reminds me that its our 6th wedding anniversary on Wednesday 17th and there is nothing planned till now, how sad is that??? Tell me if you guys know of any place around Bangalore where we can go for a day trip/drive?

Ok I think thats all in bullets as of now… u tell me hows ur life in bullets these days?