Gave a talk at a women’s college in DU recently was shocked to hear girls only wanted a good marriage. why waste a seat in univ then?

What do you make out of the current situation of the country when above is a statement made by a journalist in one of the most popular news channel of India. Yeah I am talking about Ms. Sagarika Gosh from CNN-IBN.

It angered and saddened me at the same time and this is what I replied

@sagarikaghose so does that mean that we are ok to have uneducated moms bringing up kids??? is education required only to do a job?

And thus started a huge debate on twitter, Kiran, Sudatta, SachinKalbag, Kaveri all jumping in with their views… mostly towards what I was trying to say.

Now the debate surely left me and Kiran very angry and all that was needed was deep breaths to focus… But post that I sat to think about it – There are two parts to the tweet.

1. One that the girls aspire to be only homemakers – though there is nothing wrong in being a homemaker and its a great responsibility but yes why are most of the girls these days aspire to be homemakers is worth a thought but that’s the topic of another post, here I want to focus on what ticked me off and the second part of her statement

why waste a seat in univ then?

2. Is education (ok she did mention a university seat, but what is a university seat these days? a graduation is no big deal?) a privilege or a right?

Is education required only to do a job or make a career? and here I thought that education is the basic building block of any nation? Was I wrong?

If go flashback about 100years ago the girls were not educated than, neither did they used to work.. or may be I am wrong. They did infact used to work, our literature is full of references to women working in the fields etc, but yes girls were not educated. It was thought that girls don’t need education, why waste the money as well time educating girls when all they have to do is run the house.

And slowly things began to change, India began to progress as we choose to say and slowly people to send their daughters to school and slowly they started working. Started getting more confident and was born today’s modern confident Indian woman… And when she wants to make a choice today to take a career break or may be some of them want to just give up the job and focus on family, we say they are wasting education and they don’t have a right to that seat in the university?

So we really are ready to go back to that era? Or we always were in that era only mentally and were only pretending to progress?

I have personally taken a career break and I know what it is like everyday, I yearn to go back to work but I also yearn to take care of my child….I think every mom whether working or SAHM struggles with this everyday… may be i will go back to work after 1 year when I think ojas is a little more big, may be after 2 years, may be I will go back to work next week or may be I wont go back to work at all.. but shouldn’t that be my choice? The choice I make or rather me and my husband make as a family? Why should I be made guilty for making that choice (and here I must add I would be made guilty for not taking care of my child well too if I had continued to do my job)… Why is being a SAHM made to feel like a tradegy which has happened to a woman.

Shouldn’t it be a woman’s own choice on what she wants to? Till when will we continue loading our woman with the choices that the society thinks is right for them?

We are still getting commanded only the command has changed… From be inside the house, that is your place to go out to work, why are u wasting yourself and education… its only the command that has changed? 😦

And in all this I am still struggling to understand what has education got to do with it… according to me education is a right every citizen has and the choice on how she or for that matter he wants to use it is absolutely upto him/her and I know education is never wasted and specially on a mom for she is the first teacher every child has and do we really want uneducated teachers for our next generation?