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Saffron tree is a site I love and what is not there to love? Books and that of kids 🙂 and they are having their yearly fest right now… so go check it out… what are u waiting for?
L’automne. Hydref. Sharadh. Whatever name it goes by, Fall is a joyous time of the year for many communities around the world. It is the season when families and friends come together to celebrate festivals unique to their cultures and lands.
Fall is also the time we, at Saffron Tree, take our passion for children’s books to a new level via our festive event, CROCUS.
So, what is CROCUS?
CROCUS: Celebrate Reading Of Culturally Unique Stories, is a week-long fete starting Oct 23rd, taking us on a virtual journey across the world of books – from Eastern Europe to Africa, from Asia to Australia – presenting a good mix of stories that offer a glimpse at arts & crafts, lifestyle, traditions, mythology, food, folk tales and more.
What can you do at this gala (online) event?
Visit us often to check out wonderful books, hand-picked for their multicultural flavor, reviewed by our contributors.
Have fun with your children tackling a delightful “in-house” puzzle called CROCUSWORD.
Be the first one to send in the correct answers to the puzzle and win a prize! And don’t forget to leave us a note about your favorite books on the theme each day.
We have lined up some very special interviews for you – two authors, an editor, a storyteller and an illustrator are joining us here during CROCUS! Feel free to join the discussion and leave your comments, thoughts and questions for our CROCUS guests.
An indoor, and a virtual book festival it is, yes!  Nevertheless, much like the sweet fragrance and flavor of the saffron stigmas picked from crocus flowers, we hope our fall-friendly assortment of crisp and colorful choice of children’s books will leave your senses awakened.

A beautiful flier created exclusively for CROCUS 2010 is attached for your convenience. Please feel free to send them to your friends and family.  Sit back, relax and watch the CROCUS bloom!  As we gear up to celebrate fourth anniversary of our children’s book blog, are you ready to join us in this exciting odyssey?

About us:
Saffron Tree (ST) is a growing repository of children’s book reviews, with particular slant towards cross-cultural/multi-cultural books as it happens to stir our collective passion. Today, we are an assorted group of ordinary moms and dad(s) who came to adopt ST when it was a fledgling, nurturing and growing with it over the past few years with such dedication and passion that seems extraordinary. And to know we have completed four whole years certainly calls for a celebration. Wouldn’t you agree?