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Last week I was in Delhi and was travelling in an auto after ages, me, my sis, N and ojas… so I got in I kept my handbag in the backside of the auto and took ojas in my lap… in between the travel sometime my phone rang and I started chatting with Sups, the destination came (which was Sarojini Ngr markeet BTW :D) and I walked down with ojas in my lap, phone on my ears and bindaas crossed the road… 2-3 minutes when the conversation ended I realised something is a miss……….. damn I had forgotten my handbag inside the auto…

damn damn damn… It contained all my documents, the credit cards, pan card, driving license and ofcourse some cash and damn my favorite gold earrings too..

We turned back crossed the road and tried searching for the auto man everywhere around… but as luck would have have it we couldn’t see him anywhere 😦 Totally frustrated depressed and irritated we went to the near by Police Station to lodge an FIR and give my number to them so that if a kind soul wants to give it back he can… Anyways I would needΒ  a FIR to get the duplicates of all those documents

With a heavy heart and no hope of getting the bag back I blocked all my cards and was going to the ATM in the night to withdraw cash from N’s account that will last me the trip… and suddenly my phone rang… And those words are still clear in my head…

“Monika Didi bool rahein hain? Mera naam R hai and mere papa auto chalate hain…. aap aana bag unke auto main bhool gayee the, so maine aapko phone islye kiya ki tension mat leejye, aap aaram se so jaao main subah aake aapka bag de jaaonga”

I was amazed stunned shocked and elated… I started jumping with joy… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I told him I will come right away and take the bag if its ok with them as I was to travel to Gurgaon the next day morning and he said yes most welcome.

How he tracked me is another story. He searched my bag for any phone number, though he didn’t find my number he did find a friends visiting card and called that friend for my number telling him the whole story. He also said that if he would not have found my number he would have googled me tomorrow morning from office and tried to see if he can find some contact (yeah yeah the blog would have helped then πŸ˜‰ )

I was so impressed, I can’t even explain…. So off we went in the night to pick up the bag, me N, sis and a niece all happy and decided we will give them a good tip and when I got down from the car to meet them there was another surprise waiting for me… the auto uncle with his son who was carrying his sweet little son in his lap waiting for me on the road with my handbag… and I thanked them for the help and they kept insisting aap ek baar check kar lo please, I told them please uncle aapne wapas kiya bahut badi baat hai… i am sure sab theek hoga… They invited us home for tea and uncle told me that he didnt take a customer after he saw the bag so that any customer doesn’t put a claim to it… he also went back to the market but that was after an hour or so and I think we had left by than 😦

The uncle and his son R were both so warm that in all this me and N felt that tipping them would have been an insult to them if u get what I mean…

They were true angels sent my way… God bless them… duniya main abhi bhi achaihye baaki hai.

As for me I will be forever grateful to them and I am sending a small thank you card and gift to their house.

May the breed of such people increase !!!