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I normally don’t do a lot of restaurant reviews though I do visit many new ones… only when one of it has left a lasting impression do I write about it, whether they made me very happy with the food or totally pissed me off

Cafe Thulp surely comes in the first category πŸ™‚ Yesterday night me and N were in the mood of eating a burger and Ojas wanted to eat pasta… we were wondering where to go so that we can get both and than Thulp came to my mind… Now I had visited Thulp once before but it was a hurried visit at about 3:30 in the evening and as it was post lunch I just had a lemonade and french fries then with ojas and a friend… I did like the ambience of the place than too.. simple and convenient

So I went there again yesterday all set to sample their food and I was in for a very pleasant surprise because I was certainly not expecting this good food πŸ˜‰ it was yummy…. we ordered corn quesadillas chicken for starters which came with salsa and was one of the yummiest thing I have eaten in the recent times… the salsa was perfect and quesadillas correctly crisp with brilliant filling.

We ordered a tomato cheese chicken pasta and falafel burger (which I was totally amused with, never heard of a falafel burger) for the main course and both the dishes were mindblowing.

The pasta was routine but perfect to the last spice, an authentic italian taste was surely what u got (which didnt really suited Ojas I guess so me and N had the pleasure of gobbling down that too πŸ˜€ :mrgreen: ) The burger as I said above was a total surprise I havent really thought of putting a fafalfel in a burger before and after eating it there I am wondering why? with a little humus in place of mayo and lots of raw veggies, it seemed like a healthier version of burger too πŸ˜€

All in all a brilliant meal was had and surprise surprise when the bill came, with a lemonade and the above dishes the bill was still under Rs 500/- which is so rare these days…

In nutshell a place I would surely recommend to all…. I hear they have a delivery branch called Asia in the box and I am waiting for the first opportunity to try that

Food – 4.5/5

Service – 3.5/5

Ambience – 3/5 (its nothing extraordinary but they do have the standard cafe things, games, books etc… what I liked was that they have a section of books and games for kids as well starting from 0+… so thoughtful)