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PS: Long post ahead….

Does anyone remember that Halo shampoo ad? The guy calls a girl…. Ae haseen halo girl and she turns back bouncing her oh so gorgeous hair. The kind of hair one gets in shampoo ads… Unfortunately I couldn’t find that ad on Youtube (I think thats a first not been able to find something I want on youtube)

Ok so why I am suddenly talking about that ad today? I suddenly remembered that long ago (atleast it will seem like it if u see the number of posts uma has done after that one) I had commented on Uma’s post on The Hair of all problems.… saying that let me write a post on my hair story and hence comes the halo ad… u see that’s what my PT teacher in school used to call me πŸ™‚

When I was growing up, I had straight jet black silky thick hair… the one that actually used to bounce. But at the same time, when I was growing up I had a working mom and we were allowed to have only one hair style and that would be as short as possible… and that’s one of the thing I hold against my mom still πŸ˜‰ that she never let us grow our hair… imagine I got called halo girl when the hair was short… how many more compliments would I have got when it was long….

But that changed as soon as I got a little bigger to give my own instructions to the hair dresser, from the bob cut it slowly graduated to a blunt cut…gosh what a rage that hairstyle was back then… smart cut with some stylish fringes coming in the front to the forehead… and that became my signature style in the teens… relatively maintainance free and totally hip (or so I thought then)

And then as I starting becoming more independent and started college the childhood cravings of long hair returned with a bang and I started growing my hair long and never cut them… there was a time when I had a long straight black hair till my waist and I would leave it open on some days and t might sound like I am blowing my own truimphant but it used to be truly a sight :)… sigh those were the days

Predictably as quickly as I need change in my life, I got dead bored on my poker straight hair which one could hardly do anything with… I remember going to parlours and the hair dressers oh awwwing over my hair at the same time struggling to set it in blow dryer as I would just fall back straight…. As a result we decided to experiment with hair… and the hair felt the first touch on chemicals on them… much to the disappointment of my mom (who had know kind of accepted that bringing up three daughters is no mean task and she better start accepting things faster πŸ˜‰ ) I went and cut and permed my hair…. hair straight on the top of the head and then curled or permed as wanna call… half perm as they used to call it then :)… I thought I looked like a diva πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ and was very very happy with the result…I had the hair like that almost all my post grad and then started to work, the hair grew and the curls ran out…

Came in picture the ex…. a surd BF and that too one who was used to going to the gurudwara every sunday… a girl ready to please ex’s mom (and him too) the hair started growing again… was never cut though I must admit that after the diva like perm the hair certainly had lost some of it lustre… and then I broke and along with the relation went off the hair as a process of cleaning up πŸ˜‰ and we sported the latest hip and happening style… the laser cut which i think just a fancier name for simple layers or steps in normal language…. (I had it a little longer than the pic though)

And we moved to blore…. and that started the hair fall… gosh I started getting afraid that I will soon become bald and I think first time in my life starting applying oil on my head… as a result we stopped experimenting with hair for sometime and kept it straight a little longer than shoulder but I detest the same looks so once again I took my hair under the chemical effects and this time I coloured it….streaks of lovely bronze and golden and cut them in steps till my shoulder….

And hence started a journey which never ended… from the first time I colored it, I have colored it atleast 6 times in various hues ranging from bronze and brown to red streaks/ highlights to complete mohangy head πŸ˜€ from the shoulder cut step to really shot bob again πŸ™‚ I think now I have finally settled with steps which change a little look with every cut…

I still get a lot of compliments on my hair and when I do I just remember what they used to be then…. long back when I had not messed with u and also the blore water had not been so hard on u….

Oh my dear hair, I know u have sufbfered a lot but please please please remember I love u a lot and I request u not to permanently leave me ever πŸ˜‰

PS: all pics courtsey google baba or mata which ever gender u prefer