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In Other Rooms, Other Wonders By Daniyal Mueenuddin is a collection of short stories from our neighbours accross the border. A collection of short stories from Pakistan. From the upper class of Lahore to the poverty ridden village of Multan, it covers a lot of Pakistan.

Usually I don’t really care a lot about short stories (though I love them) because most of the authors leave it at a point where you are left wanting for more, an unsatisfactory feeling left somewhere. I had seen this book in the library sometime back but left it for the same reason. But then  Poonam marked it as 4 stars on goodreads and I got tempted to try it and as look would have it, it was available in my next visit to library.

And I am glad it was because Daniyal’s writing have a breath of fresh air about them. Daniyal with his writing just manages to transport you to feudal landlords and the life they lived.

The stories cover a vast range of people in situations from a young man in love with a american woman and is based in Paris to the poor lady Saleema a young servant who knows the only way she can survive is by giving into sexual favours… The story have been tied through a common characted K.K. Harouni who at times appears to be the same person at different stages of life in different stories and other times it feels that the author has just used the name again which actually adds to the charm.

All the stories have a heart beating and leave you thinking about the protagnist but the ones that hit the hardest are the ones about the poor people specially about the women being exploited… (that could be my inner self shouting :))

The stories bring out the fabrics of the society which I guess is so similar to what we have here… women at the lower level can unfortunately get through life with what they have the most their sexuality and the men scheme for things using the other political tactics, the book is a wonderful peak in the lives of those poor people and also makes u realise that yes life is similar this side and that…. like Lily one of the charcaters in the story says

“You know what’s amazing, we’re actually alone here. That never happens in Pakistan.”

and neither does it happen in India lily…. na 🙂

Rating 4/5

Book In Other Rooms, Other Wonders

Authors Daniyal Mueenuddin

Price Rs 395/-