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Both Eid and Ganesha….

I think God really must think that I am good person, otherwise why is that my house always is a spicemen for national integration…

Do u remember the post I did last year around Ganesha… a sunday for all religions? I had a live in maid then who was keeping rojas and a chirstian cleaning maid, the live in help has got married and we have moved houses so the cleaning maid has changed too… but would u believe if I tell u the equation is still the same?

My full time maid (though she is not live in) is a muslim and the cleaning maid is chirstian again πŸ˜€

So this saturday we celebrated both eid and ganesha again and it was a total dejavu… I tell u… we did a full eid feast on Friday night with biryani, haleem, brinjal salan and semiyan

And then we celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with the usual puja, flowers and ofcourse ladoos for the elephant god were made

This time too I went for eco friendly clay ganesha and was happy about it… hope it makes our dear Swaram also happy πŸ™‚

here is the rangoli that me and ojas made

and finally Ganpati Bappa Morya….

And now I am dreading the visargan in sometime (which I am planning to do in a bucket BTW and then water my plants with it)… Ojas has been sulking and crying since morning as he doesnt wanna let ganpati bappa go….

So how were ur festivals? or the long weekend in case u didnt celebrate