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when I did the post on how I have become a Bangalorean my sister commented on that saying she finds it surprising that I havent learned Kannada, this is exactly what she said BTW

i find it quite astonishing that you have been living there for about 10 years (i think) and haven’t yet learned kannada! it’s almost shocking.

And that had me thinking that why havent I learned it yet??? And as I replied to her I am bad at languages… I generally take a long long time to adapt to a new language and most of the times I avoid leaving them as much as possible.

But since then I have been thinking why? I am so dumb that I really can’t learn them? I usually believe that my grasping power is good and I pick up things pretty fast so what happens to me when it comes to languages?

The past some days I have been making a conscious effort on observing myself and people around me speaking Kannada and also Telegu at home and I realised that I can understand most of it. Then what prevent me from speaking? The more I think, the more I come to the conclusion that its the fear of being rebuked…. fear of being laughed at.

I don’t know how funny it sounds but I think it’s that, its not that I can’t stand laughing on myself, I can do that but there is something about the situation when you say something and everyone starts laughing and you have no clue whats happening that it’s a little disturbing to me. I know most of the time people don’t mean bad but somehow it leaves me disturbed like this one example I can give you

we as a group of about 10-15 people had gone to Himalayas and one evening we were all singing and enjoying ourselves when someone started singing the lovely song “Diya Jale” and then after the main lines got over couple of started to pretend singing the Mallu lines and I think I messed up somewhere and it turned out to be some double meaning sentence and everyone around me broke out in laughter, while I had no clue as to whats happening…. and damn no one was ready to explain what was happening.It was after a long time when someone explained what I said πŸ˜‰

So yes I think that is why I find myself hesitant to pick up new laungaues, a small reason and I am missing out on so much…

So whats ur story with languages? Do u pick them easily? Are u bad at them? If yes then what is it that stops u from picking it up?

As for me I have decided that I am going to make an effort a little something extra to avoid saying “Kannada Gothila” πŸ˜€