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One thing that this seems to have come along with this house for us are the house guests, days after we moved in here and the house was still not looking like a house my mom and sis came from Delhi and helped me make it look like a home… The next 10 days were spent sharing the load of opening boxes, making food and taking care of Ojas like a dream come true… isn’t there something about your mom just being around that makes one feel fantastic 😉 and now that she is gone back… I miss her like crazy… and my sis too and not just me, the little brat has also been missing them and gets up almost every morning saying that I want Appu massi and nani to come to my house…. awww baby I want that too…

This is the worst thing in staying away from ones family… these are times when I want to curse the job and my career which bought me to such far away land… I hate that Ojas is growing up so far from her loving nani and massis but sigh such is the way of life and things can hardly be changed

And then after my mom and sis, went away we had N’s cousin from the US coming and living with us for a day, who fell in love with Ojas and vice versa… both were inseparable till the time he was here and the dotting uncle did all the tasks for him from playing to feeding him food, to change his clothes and even clean the dirty bum 😉 it was such a pleasure to see them bond, right now he has gone to his village with a promise that he will be back next week

And then there is another friend of mine K who I havent met in years coming over for a week with his wife (whom I havent met at all) and a 5-month old daughter on Wednesday morning. Its so long that I have met him and this is one visit I am really really looking forward to, needless to say the next week will be a little busy 🙂

Apart from house guests too there has been a lot happening in life, I have taken up a consulting working from home assigment with a US firm which invloves about 3 hour of work everyday, its a small start but I am slowly making a move from becoming a stay at home mom (which I have been for the last year) to a full time independent woman (as my profile still says  😉 ) again and yes guys my catering and business plans are still on… have delivered some 3 orders and waiting for some more… so spread the word around u….

With all this happening in my life the last thing I needed was an argument with mil which I ended up having this afternoon. There are sometimes when I really feel that all this talk that dil’s are like daughters and mils as mothers is all bullshit. Howmuch ever one tries, how much ever one does (and here I am not talking about only me, I am talking about both sides… so people don’t throw brickbats ok) one still remains an outsider and the things you are still taken with a pinch of salt, even if they are well intended.

I know what happened was not something which will probably stay with us forever, I am in a half a mind to go say sorry or else things will turn normal in a day or two but right now I just feel depressed, angry, agitated and sad all rolled into one.