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The thing I miss the most about my previous house is the garden beyond a doubt (ok D if u are reading this, it doesnt mean I dont miss u… I miss u ok 😉 )

I miss waking upto the chirping birds

I miss waking upto the sight of bougainvillea in my backyard

I miss the aroma of growing mint and curry leaves

I miss the overpowering smell of night queen and just standing at the gate to enjoy the same

I love plucking some fresh green chillies to throw in my food

I miss my happiness spreading elements, my flowers, the ones that are soft as a petal and the ones that are bleeding hearts

I miss the roses that were finally starting to bloom

I miss the rainy days when all we do is have fun in the garden

I miss my morning cup of tea in the balcony with lots of greenery around…

Ok u get it, I miss my garden a lot 🙂

So when today morning I woke up to see the first blooms of this house in small tiny pots, I was delighted

So here’s presenting to u, the first bloom of this house 😀

Small but its a start anyways…