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So It was my birthday yesterday…. and the whole day the thing that was running on my mind was how is that you wish yourself a Happy Birthday when all that is running in your mind is a the fact that aΒ  lovely girl so full of promise and a life and girl who wanted to live long and enjoy life 😦  was taken away by God… May her soul rest in peace and May God give IHM and family the strength required to go through this, though right now I am in no mood to trust God. If there was someone like him would this have happened? Life is so f^&king unfair sometimes.

But as the super strong IHM says life has to go on, I also went through my day with the usual celebrations with N and my mom and sis pushing me a little for it. I made a cake for myself (which I forgot to click picture of)… mixed fruit flavour and it came out super… Even I was surprised with the softness of the cake πŸ˜‰ certainly one of the best I have made. It was polished off when some friends came for lunch today.

And the only part of the day which I was actually looking forward to was “Peepli Live”. N and my sis had booked tickets for the movie for me and N saying she will take care of Ojas while we enjoy the movie and damn just before we were ready to go he started crying and did a huge vomit and with that were drowned my hopes of watching the movie too 😦 He is fine now… slept exactly 20 mins after we were supposed to go and kept on sleeping for the next 3 hrs… life isn’t fair I think is the key take away from this birthday

Night was the family dinner that got planned with my mom, sis, my sister in laws family and also a N’s cousin who was here was US. It was a nice dinner where we all chatted away for glory ( BTW on that note “Taste of Rampur” which is listed as of the best North Indian in Times Food guide of last year sucks… might do a detailed review later but as of now my word is dont waste ur money there).

So all in all it was a decent birthday but somehow it just wasnt the same. It was as if there is a air of sadness all around me. Even if I was laughing it was a laughter from the heart, Tejaswee you will live in our hearts forever. And the next year of my life will be dedicated to u πŸ™‚ Of staying strong and positive just as you were. Isnt it strange that the person who you havent even met once leaves such a lasting impression on you and your life sometimes.

Ok lets end the post in a happy and postive note just how she would have liked… by dedicating a song to myself…. Pari Hoon Main πŸ˜‰