well hopefully 🙂 Last 15 days have been terribly busy from a rocking all girls Goa trip (yes yes I know I have said that enough and I need to do an update, coming soon promise) to the house shifting.

And did I tell u guys that in the middle of shifting N had to go out of the city for some office conference and sigh I ended up managing the shifting all by myself 😉 I think another point to be added in my gender sins

And when I started packing-unpacking I really couldn’t believe the amount of junk we collect over years, it’s actually very healing of letting go of the garbage…. but very very tiring and time-consuming

I have been busy truthfully speaking I have been very lazy too… I have tons to write but somehow I have a huge block and just can’t seem to write anything. even the urge to read is diminishing these days. I am hoping its just a phase and goes away soon… may be I will do a couple of tags floating around…

Somehow the zest of doing anything seems to be lacking in me these days, I delivered two orders and both were well recived and yet I am not somehow very excited 😦 and anyone who knows me knows how excited I am about birthdays… but currently the birtday is round the corner (on sunday infact) and I havent even seen if I need to buy a new dress for my birthday. May be its just the laziness after too many things have happened 😉 hopefully I will be back to my regular self soon

So how have u guys been and whats up?

And I hope all of u have been praying for IHM’s daughter, those of u who have missed reading her post. Pls Pls Pls keep her in ur prayers.