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Book by Julie Powell

Rating (3.5/5)

The book has everything that I could fall in love with:…. its about food, its about cooking, its about blogging, its about a female who is lost and trying to sort her life… When I read the summary the inside of me was shouting “ITS ME ITS ME” 😀

Honestly I came to know about the movie first and wanted to see it immediately but than I realised thats its based on a book and as rule I try and read the book first and than see the movie because almost always the book is better

So I started looking for the book frantically and when I found it, I fell in love with it… the book wanted me to go cook everytime I read it… it had me craving for food… I could totally relate to both the women in the book… Julia who has nothing to do and finds solace in cooking and realises she is really good at it and Julie who has a boring routine but good job, she has a good husband everything that one ask for but still finds something missing and fills that void by taking up a cooking challenge and blogging about it 😉 The book had me craving for the French Cooking by Julia child book though I know that probably wont ever cook from me

And then I saw the movie and I was blown away…. this must be one of those rare books which movie is better… Meryl Steep rocked and I dont think anyone could have done better… she rocks the role and I loved every bit of it, even Amy Adams was perfect for the role.

The movie was so well edited, picking up the most important and lovely pieces of the book and putting them together to form a movie…

Loved loved loved it

Movie Rating – 4/5

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