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act like roman………… And When in bangalore like a Banglorean I have become Banglorean a and I can claim this proudly as

  • I have started to understand that when u ask for directions and are told a circle, it can be anything from a two lane crossing to a 10 lane circle, when u are told dead end it might just be a crossing too πŸ˜‰ and most important I have started understanding the distance that we have to go from the length of straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaight involved πŸ˜‰
  • I have actually stopped cribbing about Bangalore traffic and accepted it as a part and parcel of the city
  • I by default add a in the end of the words like lefta, righta etc
  • One of my favorite quick eat places are ones which sell Andhra meals
  • When someone cribs about Bangalore I think of it as my duty to talk of the city and give him a firm reply…. howmuch ever I might crib myself
  • That I now can’t probably think of settling in any other city no not even Delhi…. I am in love in love in love with bangalore weather
  • I actually eat idly wada with the orange sambhar
  • I have started blaming us the software engg to spoil the lovely city and make its prices higher
  • I have started to understand the complicated marriage relations….they marry their own mamma’s and sometimes stay in the same house as a one big family
  • I have started keeping ganpati and gauri at home

Thanks Itchy to bring me out of my laziness and prompt me to write this post

So what have u drowned yourselfΒ  in your city?

PS: have u gonbe to Shruti’s post yet… those lovely paintings are waiting for u ………… πŸ™‚