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Yes I managed to finally move my Sony Ericson backup contacts to Nokia 😀 😀 😀

I did it but damn it was so painful…. a long tedious process but I was hell bent on doing it because I knew that however many times I ask I can never fully make that contact list again 😦

As I mentioned in my previous post the problem is that Sony Ericson stores its backup file as .dbk and a Nokia PC Suite wants a .nbu file…

So I went berserk searching the internet to find a converter and couldnt find anything… floated it around twitter asking people about ideas and input, some of them responded saying that .dbk file could be opened with winzip or winrar and there started something positive… I changed the name of the file from x.dbk to x.zip opened it with winzip and when I opened it I saw a .vcf file there inside, I had this huge grin on my face… once we have a .vcf file it should be easy right, read it in outlook and sync up ur phone with outlook… bingo 😀 but that’s not where the tale ends… the thing is Sony stores all its contacts in a single .vcf file wheres both outlook and nokia accept it to be like one contact/.vcf file… so when I open the retrieved .vcf I was able to read only one contact (which was BTW of the lovely lady aaroo :D)

The grin that was there on the face just vanished and I became sad again… Searched the internet again in find of a tool which will help me extract all the contacts from the file and again couldn’t find anything 😦 and that is when a friend came to my rescue… the brilliant techie and a perl expert that he is, he wrote a script to extract all the contacts when by one, then normalise (i.e remove 0, add +91 everywhere etc) them using excel and then remove the duplicates and store them as individual .vcf’s and once that was done as I mentioned before it was all a matter of snyc up and bingo I have all the contacts on my new phone

God Bless u J… really 🙂 may be she should post this tool online and make some money, after all there are many people making the switch that can use this tool 😉