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Its been a crazy day today…. both me and ojas have been down since friday and I caught it on sunday evening too, so things have been rather down in our household.

Ojas missed school yesterday but since he was feeling better today I was in no mood to have another chutti for him since he is just about adjusting, so N dropped us to school and we went there and I had to like sit outside for 2 hours and by the time I came back home I was dead tired….

But I had to buy a phone today…. I have been using this very very basic standby phone since past week or so and it was irritating me beyond measure…  the thing is that once u are used to being connected and using these high tech phones the basic ones bloody irritate u…. So on the way back from school we went and bought a phone… My first choice was sony xperia mini pro but its not yet launched and will probably be launched only next month end so I settled on my second choice… the sleek black Nokia X6 😀

And all you techies and gizmo freaks out there please help me, I have my contacts backup taken via Sony PC Suite and now I want to restore it to Nokia… help how to do it? The sony file is created as .dbk and Nokia Ovi Suite needs a .nbu file… I tried and searched for a converter but couldnt find any… help I dont want to type all the contacts……. 😦 😦

PS: for some reason WP is not allowing me to post pic and I am dangerously close to 12 in the night to I will hit the publish button and post the phone pic tomorrow… if u happen to see the post before that please click on the link to see how nice it looks 😉