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I had first heard of this book at Jabberwock and thought of reading as when it comes to book I trust Jai’s reviews 100% but somehow never got hold of it…

And then I went to attend the launch of Love, Life and Jazz and found that Dreams in Prussian Blue was been co-launched at the same time… Needless to say I picked up the book and Paritosh is a software engineer in the day was an added push to me… yes we all, u all nerds see we can do this too 🙂 It just takes a determination like Paritosh’s to make your dreams come true… BTW according to him he writes everyday morning when he shuts off C and C++ from his mind and then he reaches office where he shuts of creative writing and he enjoys both equally… I am really impressed by this Paritosh…

Ok now coming back to the book… The book is about two art college dropouts who have very high hopes from life and think that education will probably do them no good and are hopelessly in love with each other… they are at the stage of life where everything ahead seems rosy and easy to achieve… They move into a live in relation to pursue their dreams rather pursue the guys, Michael’s dream of becoming a famous artist while the girl, Naina gets into the grind to earn a living so that her partner’s dream be achieved…

Life moves on with its difficulties while Naina learns to deal with everyday challenges while also handling the moods and temperaments of an artist that is till tragedy strikes and Michael loses his sight… Their whole world falls apart and according to me the novel really picks up there.

What I loved about the novel was the way it dealt with feelings and challenges… its keeps your mind running to know what is going to happen in the next page… its truly a page turner… it has lots of twists and turns which are surprisingly well adjusted into the short 200 page book…

And what I loved most about this book was that it was crisply edited, had no (well almost) grammatical mistakes, no spellings gone wrong which has been my complaint with almost all first time Indian author books that are coming in market these days.

The book is no literally material as it clearly doesn’t target to be but its a very good Metro read… breezy and refreshingly fresh

Rating 3/5

Book Dreams in Prusssian Blue

Authors Paritosh Uttam

Price Rs 150/-