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What happens when you get up from a lazy Sunday nap, walk to the kitchen to make tea and suddenly it starts pouring…

and in case u are wondering what is the vessel doing there…. the heavy rain turns into a lovely hailstorm and N wanted to collect all the ice in that but what happened was all of us went out and eat the falling ice…. what fun it was, I remembered my childhood so much

And then it was followed by another fun filled activity which reminded me of my childhood… any guesses? yes we made paper boats

woh kagaz ki kasthi woh baarish ka paani

Whoever said that you live a second childhood through your child was so so so right… the glee and joy at ojas’s face that day was something I will never forget and I remembered how much we used to enjoy this small game….

And when all this happened how can the pakoras be left behind πŸ˜‰

onion, bread, aalo and mirchi with a steaming hot cup of tea made the lovely sunday evening complete….

And than began Just another maniac monday