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First thing about this book I love its tittle…. normally I dont like long tittle a lot but this one has a poetic ring to it plus the die hard romantic in me loves it ๐Ÿ˜€

Its a book about 4 college friends – Tania, Sameer, Vikram and Tanveer.. The story begins when they have just finished college and start their careers…

Tania and Sameer are having a steady relationship when he decides to go to UK for further studies and Tania starts a business with Ankur… Needless to say the relation goes through a turmoil…. But the question is will it survive the long distance?

On the other hand Tanveer who comes from a small town and a very poor family has started his job in a multinational bank with the most horrible boss one could have and the loveliest parsi girl as a housemate… will his small time thinking let him reach out to the girl who he has fallen in love with or will he just be a puppet in his cruel boss’s hand…

Vikram the casinova and the rich dad’s son in the novel is having an affair with a wanna be model, will he be able to handle the media attention that she gets? What will make a casinova like vikram change his attitude towards life?

And while all this is happening what happens to the friendships? Will they all ever come together as friends or will their life make them apart?

This book is primarily about relationships in the current context and that is what I liked about it. Their is no pretence in accepting that todays generation has moved ahead when it comes to relationships. We dont think like our parents used to, the book reflects the modern youth in a way which is real. There were part of the books I could totally relate. And that is what I really like about the book

What i didnt like about the book… Well its too predictable. U tend to know whats coming next but than may be its about our minds ๐Ÿ˜‰ My other problem with the book was (as usual) the grammatical errors and editing here and there but I believe thats been corrected in the next edition…

All in all I would say its a good time pass breezy read… A perfect for a flight or train read may be ๐Ÿ˜€

Rating 3/5

Book Love Life and All that Jazz

Authors Ahmed Faiyaz

Price Rs 150/-